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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kickstarter, Week Three: More Jobs

Nine days to go, and I'm at 85%. Thank you, everybody.  We just might make it.  If you haven't already pledged, you can help here.  Please?

Of the 89 backers (so far) of this project, 46 are first-timers on Kickstarter. I'm delighted to have brought so many newcomers. I hope you stick around and find more undertakings to support. I'm a newbie myself, but in the first month I've already made donations (mostly very small) to eight other kickstarts. The web site is dangerously addictive.

When Kickstarter suggested that I should include a premium reward, I decided to include one at the $99 level: a special limited edition to be called MORE JOBS which will include about a dozen additional adventures. I have about 300 stories to choose from—and more that I will write. Right now I'm trying to decide among:
  • A Superior Court judge who lives outside the law.  
  • Falling through the ceiling into a woman's shower—while she is showering.
  • A bandit who steals a fortune, lives in squalor, and is betrayed by a cat.
  • "The Mongrel" — a dog who could outwit a Nobel prizewinner.
  • The poet whose hand was (perhaps) eaten by a tiger.
  • A Stanford Hospital surgeon smoking marijuana while conducting a family meeting with his missionary wife and teenage son—all undressed in a hot tub—while I'm installing lights.
  • Working for a toxic couple—young woman, older man—shortly before the young woman is murdered.
  • An illegal immigrant from China who wins the heart of a town—but not quite everybody in town.
  • Selling shovels to miners in the second great California Gold Rush.
  • The libidinous woman—a client offering benefits—who happens to own a mortuary.
  • The policemen who hold me at gunpoint and slam me against my truck—for burglary.
  • The skinny-dipping Congressman and his skinny-dipping wife. 
  • The rabbi whose new, improved lighting reveals erotic figures in his furniture.
  • Desperately trying to maintain my demented, dying brother in his dilapidated house—and being investigated for Elder Abuse. 
Or I could include the tale of the incompetent blue jay who needs the help of a carpenter (me) to build his nest—or the time I was hosed by a less-than-satisfied client—or the sugar daddy who uses shopping as foreplay… So many jobs, so little time.

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