The photo is from 1978. My son, his truck. Behind him, my truck.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Progress Report

Sorry for the silence.  I've been writing like mad to create a book based on the themes of this blog.  The tentative title: 99 Jobs: Good Hard Work.

The final product will be an e-book (containing approximately 99 of the blog stories, rewritten).  If enough people buy the e-book, a print publisher might pick it up as well.  That's how business is done these days among non-blockbuster writers such as myself.

I want to thank everybody who has been reading the 365 Jobs stories and providing feedback.  With your help, I have a pretty good idea of what people would like to read and what sort of stories I want to tell.

I may try a Kickstarter campaign so I can pay for some professional help in launching this book — and so I can run off some print copies as well.  Stay tuned for news on that.

What do you think of the title?  And how about this model for a book cover? (That's my dear old leather tool belt, which I've written about here and here.)


  1. Love the tool belt! There's something about a tool belt that always makes me listen closer to the wearer. Is there any way you can work the concept "people" into your title because how you mix the jobs and the personalities is why I enjoy your writing so much. something like "99 Jobs: hard work and crazy people" or "99 Jobs and their owners" or "99 Jobs: people from a tool belt's perspective" . . . none of those are quite precise or succinct enough. I am game for either e-book or Kickstarter with print version closer to my heart so I can share it with my dad. Let us know and congratulations!

  2. Good point. It's about the people. I thought about the subtitle "Tool Belt Tales" or "Tool Belt Stories" but I don't think it would solve the problem. Maybe "Tool Belt People"?

    "Flesh and Blood and Work"
    "Working With Folk"

  3. the toolbelt looking glass?